An automatic project has several objectives: to improve the quality and in the same way the performace in the processing, to manage processes with dangerous situations or stress, and finally to realize innovative ideas born within the companies.

Pegaso Sistemi offers complete and customized solutions


Progetti personalizzati dai più semplici alle isole di lavorazione più complesse. Progettazione 3D ❯

The design is a decisive step to get the best result. During this phase our team of designers supports the customer to understand the actual operative situation in which the project will be inserted, to clarify and detail the initial aims and give gradually shape to the final solution.


Pegaso Sistemi can carry out customized projects from the simplest to the most complex processing isle. Thanks to the 3D design software it is possible to create the project and evaluate it by displaying a general preview.


Turn key automation solutions; just one partner from project to installation

For the " turn key" realization of automation projects, for an entire isle or a single machine, we cooperate with our tested network of high quality suppliers to which we assign realization of some elements according to their specific qualification.


Pegaso Sistemi take care directly of the assembly, wiring and implementation of the application software, monitoring the order progress up to its installation and testing at the customer.To improve our efficiency we have an internalized main carpentry activity, in order to reduce processing times.


The benefits of a best automation taking advantage of investments already made

A retrofitting / revamping project can allow the company to benefit of new automation opportunities, better performance or new regulations without necessary replace the whole existing plant. This is possible if our feasibility phase give positive result.


Thanks to our ability to customize the solutions, we are able to retroat plats made by us or by other manufacturers, reusing the components that are still valid and integrating them into the new system.


Technical documentation, staff training, hardware and software support service

Documentation: all our machines are made according to EU regulations and are CE certified with relative risk analysis, technical documentation and use and maintenance manual (technical documentation according to the Direttiva Macchine 2006/42/EC).


In order to allow an optimal inclusion in the productive realities to which the plants are destined, our technicians take care of the initial transfer of skills to the customer's staff who will supervise their use.


Assistance: our staff takes care of both hardware and software. Assistence can be carried out remotely or on-site, depending on the type of problem. To minimize downtime it is also possible to implement predictive control systems, as well as define a scheduled maintenance plan.

'As a Service' facilities

In some cases we can install the machinery by us and supply the final product to the customer

We create automation system for specific processing of mass-produced products that require high quality.


Pegaso Sistemi, is specific cases for optimizing the care and timing of production, makes the machinery operational by his factory and supply the final product to the customer.