What we do

From the simplest application, to production lines and other, innovative systems that integrate collaborative robots. All of this with competence and reliability, to help shape the future industrial automation.

Automatic lines

Robotic isles

Stand alone machines

Manual equipment

Testing machines

Off-line simulations

Laser marking

Laser welding


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We find solutions "made to measure" for industrial automation.

Pegaso Sistemi s.r.l. is ABB Value Provider

"It is an honor for us to have Pegaso Sistemi among our certified partners especially for the added value they give to our products thanks to their solutions and for the loyalty demonstrated to us in these 25 years of collaboration"

Giulia Vismara, Channel Manager at ABB Robotics Italia.

Pegaso Sistemi s.r.l. is a member of BICUSTOMEC
Biella Customized Mechanics & Automation, the first network of various companies for the development of integrated and customized mechanical solutions.