Custom projects from the simplest to the most complex processing isles.


Our team of designers works alongside the customer to understand the operational reality in which the project will be inserted, clarify and detail the initial objectives and progressively take shape in the final solution.


Pegaso Sistemi can create customized projects from the simplest to the most complex processing isles. Thanks to the 3D design programs it is possible to create the project and evaluate it by viewing a general preview.

Design Team

The section "Mechanical and robotic design" is composed by 11 Senior and Junior technical, that work with the main 3D modeling tools.

Electronic Team

The section "Electronic and software" is composed by 3 Senior and Junior technical, that operating with the most popular software programming and electrical design tools.



We realize high precision mechanical parts, using the latest technologies combined with traditional methods.

CNC Gualdoni - GV strokes mm 450 - 250 - 500.

CNC SeikiTech - 1570-H3L strokes mm 1500 - 700 - 650.

Traditional milling machine Rambaudi - RAM MILL strokes mm 1200 - 510 - 550.

Lathes CNC Takisawa TC-3 Ø turning mm 350 Ø bar passage mm 63

Parallel lathes Fp - EOLO 350 Ø turning mm 500 Ø bar passage mm 80

Round grinding machine Jones & Shipman - 1074 Ø grindable mm 154 grindable legth mm 305

Tangential grinding machine Alpa - RTL 700 grindable legth mm 700 grindable width mm 500 grindable height mm 550

Welding bench Demmeler - Profi eco line dimension mm 2000x1000

Shear Schiavi - GTH 420 fold length mm 2000 cutting thickness mm 4

Bender Colgar - PI 621/26 fold length mm 2600 crease thickness mm 4 power 60t




We develop solutions for specific customer needs.

"As a Services" facilities

In some cases we can install the machinery by us and supply the final product to the customer


A team of specialized operators can assemble special or standard components in compliance with the most restrictive specifications.


The benefits of a best automation taking advantage of investments already made. Thanks to our ability to customize the solutions, we are able to retroat plats made by us or by other manufacturers, reusing the components that are still valid and integrating them into the new system.


Side by side with the customer from the first phase of development to after-sales assistance.

Technical documentation

All our machines are made according to EU regulations and are CE certified (technical documentation according to the Direttiva Macchine 2006/42/EC).

Staff training

In order to allow an optimal inclusion in the productive realities to which the plants are destined, our technicians take care of the initial transfer of skills to the customer's staff who will supervise their use.


our staff takes care of both hardware and software. Assistence can be carried out remotely or on-site, depending on the type of problem. To minimize downtime it is also possible to implement predictive control systems, as well as define a scheduled maintenance plan.